Lighting Retrofits and Energy Process Analysis

Most lighting retrofits are justified under the premise that name plate efficiency improvement will result in the same net gain to the facility. This is rarely the case in practice.

Energy Process Analysis is a different approach to assessing the feasibility of retrofits or efficiency upgrades. Any changes to an existing process should look at the introduction of changes from a whole process point of view. How will the new technology affect the existing energy balance within the facility? Are there any negative consequences that might be avoided? Process measurement and analysis identifies the net effect of introducing changes to the whole process as opposed to assuming a net efficiency gain through a change in a specific device.

Sub-metering is installed in order to develop an energy process view of the existing interactions within your facility. This facilitates the establishment of a baseline model of energy processes. From this initial study the outcome of introducing a change in the energy process within the facility can be predicted.

This paper provides examples from two manufacturing facilities who considered lighting retrofits. Energy process analysis uncovered some surprising side effects from lighting retrofits.

ADM Case Study – Lighting Pros and Cons

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