PLC-5 Conversion to ControlLogix

PLC-5 conversion or replacement

PLC-5 conversion or replacement

Rockwell Automation, the manufacturer of the PLC 5, classified most PLC 5s as “Silver Series”. This means they are no longer available for normal purchase. Service and repair is still available and so is technical support for a limited time. Rockwell has not announced the obsolescence date for the PLC 5 but it is imminent. Several PLC-5 conversion options will be detailed below.


The PLC 5 was an extremely successful model, widely used throughout many industries, and it dominated the PLC market in Atlantic Canada for many years. Many industrial sites depend on the PLC 5 for day-to-day operation. Many users are now making migration plans to replace their PLC 5s before they are obsolete. This paper describes the various options to clients to migrate PLC 5 to the ControlLogix platform that ADM has implemented.


There are three (3) possible solutions to migrate your PLC 5 based control system to ControlLogix:

  1. Processor & I/O Replacement
  2. Conversion Base Installation
  3. Processor Only Replacement

Each solution has its pros and cons. Which one is right for you?

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