Power System Modeling and Predictive Simulation

Modern industrial process and manufacturing facilities are heavily dependent on electrical distribution networks to respond to demands for production efficiency and reliability.
The majority of these distribution networks have grown without ever having a complete design review. They are often composed of both modern and legacy component equipped segments.

Some larger industries have invested in electrical engineering software, and training of internal technical resources, to enable in-house power system modeling and analysis on an on-going basis. For smaller operations and engineering firms it is difficult to commit to this level of expense.


ADM uses ETAP® software’s set of core tools, embedded analysis modules, and engineering libraries to allow us to create, configure, customize, and manage power system models. These core tools enable ADM to quickly and easily build 3-phase and 1-phase AC and DC network one-line diagrams with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation and grounding components.

If you need your distribution network analyzed and modeled, or you have purchased an electrical engineering software system like ETAP® and would like to get accurate results more quickly, then ADM can help you.

White Paper

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Power System Modeling & Predictive Simulation with ETAP Electrical Engineering Software

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