Tire Production

Tire production facilities face many challenges as they are tasked with producing more with less while lowering energy consumption and other variable operating costs.

ADM has significant experience in tire production processes and provides solutions based on a solid engineering background and methodology to help you. We have developed solutions for:

  • Receiving and Size Reduction
  • Bale handling
  • Custom lifting devices
  • Material Conveying
  • Compounding (Mixing & Milling)
  • Dry and liquid compound storage, handling, metering and measurement
  • Recipe control & tracking
  • Speed control and redundancy upgrades
  • Component Prep (Extrusion & Calendaring)
  • Cooling conveyors
  • Safety fencing, interlocks and control systems
  • Tire Building (Semi-Automatic & Automatic)
  • Pneumatic to electric drive conversions
  • Robotics integration

Please visit our Project Profiles to see some of the tire production projects we have delivered.